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Who We Are

We are a family business. That passion for Custom Jewelry comes from the older generation, parents, grandparents and the entire family tradition, those who dedicated their whole life in that segment, working with the highest quality products and good taste. We love what we do and we are following this legacy with great responsibility and perseverance.

We act

We have been in this business for over 15 years and we are pioneers in the marketing of jewelry and custom jewelry, especially in South Florida, where we are officially located, and Miami – EUA. We also have partners in Nicaragua, Honduras and many other countries in central america, that really appreciate our products coming from Brazil, that we are the only and legitimate representative.


In our trajectory, like any other company history, we had difficult moments, mistakes and successes.Today, we proudly say that each overcome was necessary to keep moving forward and growing our courage, strength, charisma and dedication. We are grateful for all that we’ve achieved, and we will.


We dedicate every victory to our employees, our customers who have been supporting us and with us legitimizing  our credibility, in true and honest reciprocity. We believe that cooperation and unity are the keys for the success in this dynamic and competitive market.


The quality of our pieces are the most important thing that puts us up in evidence on an international scene. We have resistant, elegant and finely finished custom jewelry. At Lacosta Jewelry Corp. you can find the diversity, latest trends pieces and accessible price, all in a safe and comfortable place, online or physical store. Shortening distances and taking on the world.